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Lapôtre receives Luna B. Leopold Early Career Award and is named Robert Sharp Lecturer by the American Geophysical Union (09/2021)

Poetry in the abstract (04/2021)

NASA backs concepts for deep-drilling Mars rover and interstellar-object probe (02/2021)

Mars landing: Cause for celebration (02/2021)

Geologists bogged down in martian sand dunes (02/2021)

Stanford scientists anticipate the Mars 2020 rover launch (07/2020)

Mars 2020: The legacy continues for NASA space robotics (06/2020)

The pace of fluvial meanders on Mars and implications for the western delta deposits of Jezero crater (04/2020)

What other planets can teach us about Earth (03/2020)

Fact or fiction? The science of Star Wars (12/2019)

A tenfold slowdown in river meander migration driven by plant life (12/2019)

Inaugural Bay Area Planetary Science Meeting @ Stanford (11/2019)

Analog field work and mission operations in Iceland (10/2018)

Curiosity's science campaign at the Bagnold Dunes, Gale crater

What sets the size of current ripples? (02/2017)

Flood-carved canyons of Earth and Mars (07/2016)

Large Martian ripples (06/2016)

Earth's branching river networks (12/2012)